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           Wire Ropes
                   Steel wire ropes
                           Weight & Breaking Load IS 2266
                           Power form 6/6P
                           Power form 8/8P
                           PowerForm 8 PC
                           HyFlex 4
                           Hyflex 6/36
                           Hyflex 6/19
                           Hyflex 6/29 Fi
                           Crane Wire Rope
                           Elevator Rope
                           Usage Guideline
                           Guide to application and rope
                   PP/Nylon & PVC Coated ropes
                           PP Rope
                           PVC Coated Wire Rope
                           Industrial PP Rope
                   Stainless steel
                           SS Wire Rope 316 -1/19
                           SS Wire Rope 302/304 -7/19
                           SS Wire Rope 302/304 -7/7
           Lifting Tackles
                           Forged U Clamp ( Bull Dog Grip)
                           Forged U Clamp
                           Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp
                           Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp
                           Beam Clamp
                   Hand Wheel
                           Chain Wheel
                           Alloy Steel D-Shackle
                           Alloy Steel BOW-Shackle
                           MS BOW-Shackle
                           MS D-Shackle
                           Pump Shackle
                           Eye Hook For Wire
                           Eye Hook for Chain
                           Swivel hook
                           Swivel hook Self Locking Type
                            Self Locking hook
                            Clevis Hook
                           Florescent Hook Flate Type
                           Snap Hook
                           Coil Hook
                           Shank Hook
                           Forged Eye Flat hook
                           Round Ring Non Welded
                           Round Ring Welded
                           Web Coonecting Link
                           Oval/Oblong Ring Welded
                           Master Oblong Ring Assembly NON Welded
                           Master Oblong Ring Assembly Welded
                           Connecting Link
                           Chain Shortner
                           Oval/Oblong Ring NON welded
                           Master Round Ring Assembly NON Welded
                           Master Round Ring Assembly Welded
                           Aluminum Ferrule
                           Ordinary Thimble
                           Solid Thimble
                   Kappy ( Pulley Block)
                           Wire rope pulley
                           Snatch pulley
                           Crane pulley
                           Manila rope pulley
                   Turn Buckle
                           Bottle Screws type
                           Straining Screws type
                           M.S. Eye Bolt
                           High Tensile Eye Bolt
                           Open Type Socket
                           Close Type Socket
                           Wedge Socket
                           Stockless Anchor
                           High Holding Anchor
                           Spek Type Anchor
                           Pool Type Anchor
                   Chain sling
           Webbing Lashing & Anti Sleeve
                   Webbing Sling
                   Duplex Webbing Sling
                   Endless Webbing Sling
                   Round Webbing Sling
                   Eye to Eye Round Webbing Sling
                   Ratchet Lashing
                   Anti Abrasive & Anti Cutting Sleeves
           Materil Handling Equipments
                           EOT Cranes
                   Traveling Trolley
                           Manual Travelling Trolley
                           Electric Travelling Trolley
                   Pulling And Lifting Machines
                           Cabel Pooler
                           Pulling-Lifting ( Hook Chook) Machine
                   Cable Trolley & Push Button
                           Cable Trolley
                           Push Button
                   Hydraulic Jacks
                           Mechanical Jacks
                           Hydraulic Jacks
                   Chain Pulley Blocks
                           Motorised Chain Pulley Block
                           Chain Lever Hoist
                           Wire rope hoist
                           Mini Wire Rope Hoist
                   Pallet Truck
                           Standard Hydrolic Pallet Truck 2.5 Ton
                           Crab Winch
                           Hand Winch
                           Wall Mounted Winch
                           Power ( Electrical) Winch
           Welding & Cutting Equipments
                   Plasma Cutting Machines
                   Welding Inverters
           Wear Solution
                   LoTemp anti wear products
                   Wear plates
                           Alloy Steel Chain
                           Proof Coil Chain
                           Anchor Chain
                   Pewag Chain System and Lifting Points
           Pump Coating Services
           Plasma Cutting Services
           Welding Services
           On Site Wire Rope Crimping Service
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