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Pump Coating Services

Full fledges on site services are available for pump coating. High performance coatings are designed to meet the most wear conditions encountered in industries.

Pumps are vital constituents of any industry. Any factor that increases load on these vital constituents increases cost of the operation of entire plant. As per data provided from many pump association, power consumption cost is 32% of overall life cost of Pump where as original cost pump when newly purchased is only 14% of total life cost. Power consumption of pump is directly related to internal wear, mainly corrosion in side the pump. Coating serves industry in reduction of over all maintenance and operational cost. Coating not only reduces power consumption but also protects pump casing against corrosive wear for many years.

Our team of field engineers and applicators are very expierenced for using this modern applications with its very fine results for various tasks as per our customers requirements at their on-site locations. Portable Abrasive Blaster exclusively used for Pump Coating Services for surface preparation to get best result.  For more and detailed information regarding our Pump Coating Services please contact us 




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