Crane Systems


Jib Crane Systems
- Jib cranes can be offered in both floor or wall mounted type setup with rotations from 90-360 degress as per client request. Capacity from 50kg to 5t are available to supply
- Motorised movements in all directions possible as per client's request. Special Jib Booms made with steel profile rails can be also offered upto 1t capacity and 6mtr span
- Due to our strong design team we can offer various supported jib booms e.g bottom strutted or top strutted to alternatively achieve maximum span or clear lift.

Light Crane Systems  (XY Profile Rail Systems)  
- CarlStahl Craftsman’s systems offer solutions for ergonomic handling of loads. Key attributes include exact positioning, safely and efficiently above the working and production level. 
- High flexibility of the system enables installations to be integrated easily.
- Special low headroom suspensions available to be used where height is very limited.
With capacity upto 2t and motorised movements in all directions, the complete system is independent of any existing structure, and can have its own super structure installed.

EOT Crane Systems
Our EOT cranes cater to small warehouse applications as well large production units. They are available in Single Girder upto 10t and Double Girder upto 50t capacity. 
- Dual speed in all our motions of hoisting, CT and LT along with Radio Remote control can be offered
- Hoist with Low Headroom enables to maximise productivity in the least available space. 
- Cranes manufactured as per IS 807 / IS3177 and hoists as per FEM/IS Standards

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